“We were never meant to be squares. We are circles and circles with Creation.” It was a member of the audience who, with soft urgency, reminded everyone in the room whose heads had swiveled. I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2019 conference for CACUSS (Canadian Association for College and University Student Services) in…

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July 19, 2019 | by

Three UDL Starters

by: Dr. Seanna Takacs Let us say that you have heard of UDL and have an interest in making some modifications to your curriculum. You may have students whose learning needs have confounded you. They may be language learners or may have accommodation plans that you struggle to implement. You might have had a class…

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July 5, 2019 | by

UDL From Where I Sit

by: Dr. Seanna Takacs When I begin to explain Universal Design for Learning to any audience, it is often received as paradigms and theories are: with quiet reservation until the audience can see where the rubber hits the road. What does this mean for my teaching? What does this mean for my time? How will…

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June 28, 2019 | by