Future Xplorations Research Group

Creating systemic change through community participation

We care about communities

We believe they need to have a voice and take action to design their future.

We know systemic change is possible.

We help communities untangle complex challenges, we guide them in the process of exploring the possible futures, and collaborate to design and implement actions to take them there.

We have 14 years of experience exploring the possibilities for systemic change. We work together with communities through workshops, training sessions, research, design, planning and implementation. We follow a specific methodology to find the opportunities within complex social problems.

We care about climate change, local development, equity, social services, food security, democracy, and many other real-world, current, fundamental, pressing issues.

We know you do too…

Are you a:

Citizens/neighbours group or collective

Public institution

Local development organization

Small local business or not-for-profit

Foundation or impact investor

Do you wish to:

Understand the root causes behind the problems of your community

Create systemic change with social, economic, and environmental benefits

Achieve your full potential as an agent for change in your community

Go from a need, to a solution, to implementing it

Please reach out, let’s have a chat and see what we can do together!

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