Thanks for dropping by. This KPU WordPress website is designed for the members of the KPU community (current students, faculty, and staff), to create your own digital presence. Here are simple steps on how to get started creating your own WordPress site.

Please read through all instructions before creating an account.

Step 1: Know your KPU email

Ensure you have access to your KPU email address. You won’t be able to sign up without one.

  • Students, your address will typically be [firstname.lastname]
  • Faculty and staff, your address will typically be [firstname.lastname]

Need help? Contact IT Service Desk for email access.

Step 2: Create a KPU WordPress login

Two things you will need here:

  • Username – must be at least 4 characters, letters and numbers only.
  • Email Address – your KPU issued email address

Then, you have two options.

  • Gimme a site! – this will trigger the next step to giving you a WordPress site.
  • Just a username, please. – this will only give you a username. However, you can always come back to this page to sign up for a WordPress site. (99% of the time, I think you will want option 1.)

Step 3: Create a WordPress site

You would now have received your login information on screen. Login and go to the sign up page again to create your own site.

You will need several things here:

  • Site Name – this is your URL. Your site will be[sitename]
    (If you have been given instructions by your instructor on naming your site, please follow your instructor instructions.)
  • Site Title – this is what you want your site to be displayed as in the title. (It could be the same name as your site)
  • Site Language – we recommend leaving it as the default
  • Privacy – this setting allows if others are able to search for your site on the Internet. (Follow the guide on the left on the sign up page, if needed.)
  • Pick a template for your new site – there a limited of templates that can be selected when creating a new site. More themes are available when your site has been created.
    (If you have been given instructions by your instructor on picking a template, please follow your instructor instructions.)

Finally, click on “CREATE SITE”. Congratulations! You now have a WordPress site. You will receive an e-mail notification of your new site.

Step 4: Repeat as needed

There is no step 4. In case you need additional sites, repeat the process.

Now, click on the button below to get started.