A team charter is a document that states your team’s values, and the commitments that you will make to each other throughout your learning together. Many instructors will require you to develop a team charter; even if this is a not a requirement, developing a charter on your first meeting will enhance your success as a team.

What should a team charter include?

  1. Team expectations, values, and norms: This paragraph describes the expectations that are the core of how you will work together as a group, and what will be expected of each member.
  2. Team member roles and responsibilities: Begin by identifying the strengths and abilities of each team member. Then, list the specific responsibilities that each team member will have in the project.
  3. Procedures: These can include:
    • Group meetings: When and where you will meet, and any procedures related to absences from group meetings.
    • Making decisions: Is a consensus required for all decisions? If not, how will the group go about making decisions.
    • Experiencing conflict: How will the group go about resolving any conflicts that arise?

Your charter will guide you through the process of working together, and is a tangible way to ensure your team meets the criteria for a successful team. It indicates how the team will work together as a unit, while also maintaining individual accountability.

Download a Team Charter Template PDF | Word

Reference: Team Charter Document, Adapted from Weaver & Farrell, n.d., ‘Managers as Facilitators’ (this version by Bob Crockett, KPU Marketing Faculty)

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