In an online course, you will use digital tools to consume, process, and share information. Sometimes this involves learning new software or skills. Try not to be intimidated by this process, and view it as an opportunity to develop your personal and professional skills.

What Can I Do with Digital Tools?

Early in the course, you will want to create a system for managing your notes and course materials. You may find that you prefer a physical notebook or binder for the notes, charts, and summaries you create. You may also find that you prefer to use a digital notebook to store class materials (like readings and articles), where you can take notes within your digital documents. Learn how to use Microsoft Onenote for notetaking here.

Your instructor may also ask you to work collaboratively in digital spaces. This can include creating a shared document with classmates (e.g. Word document or PowerPoint presentation). Find out how to create a collaborative document here.

Finally, you may also create digital content as a part of your course assignments. This can include creating a digital portfolio, recording a narrated presentation, or creating a video.

Create and share a video on your phone using Kaltura Media Space.

Create an ePortfolio or website using WordPress