Meet the Team

Erika Balcombe (Faculty)

Interior Design & Foundations in Design


Erika is a long-time instructor at the WSD.  In her capacity as a design anthropologist and museum collaborator, she strives to better understand the impacts of design by studying people and their relationships with things. This collaborative, multidisciplinary project was a perfect opportunity to combine her passions for design, education, and exhibition. 

Haley Estrada (Student)

Fashion Marketing


Haley is a second year student completing her diploma at the WSD. Her business background and love for storytelling and curation naturally led her to join the exhibit team. Connecting with dozens of students while working on the exhibit allowed her to develop a greater appreciation for the many creative opportunities made available by the WSD.

Karen Gao (Student)

Graphic Design for Marketing


Karen is a fourth year student completing her degree at the WSD. Her interests in exhibit curation, web design and collaboration led to her onboarding this project. From there, she gained a deeper understanding of the multidisciplinary programs at Wilson, as well as valuable team experience by working towards a common goal. 

Special thanks to...

This project was made possible through KPU’s Teaching & Learning Commons. The Teaching & Learning Innovation Fund (TLIF) encourages pedagogical innovation and values diverse programming by providing funding to special projects like this one.


We also would like to express our gratitude to the Dean of Design, Andhra Goundrey, for her help and encouragement throughout the development process. A special shout out goes to Gabrielle Durning and the marketing team for helping to promote the exhibit and to facilitate the extension activities. We also can’t forget our excellent Program Assistants who provided support to the project through interdepartmental cooperation.

Importantly, the team also extends thanks to our student contributors for their enthusiasm, hard work, and novel ideas. We acknowledge the many faculty members at the WDS who developed exciting class projects over the year, facilitated student submissions, and helped with content. It is because of these forward-thinking assignments that we were able to curate this multidisciplinary design exhibit.