Introductory and community-building discussions in online courses

This blog post was originally written by Dr. George Veletsianos, a professor at Royal Roads University and Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning. We would like to thank Dr. Veletsianos for allowing us to repost his blog. Link to original post: Link to Dr. Veletsianos’ Twitter: The beginning of the (unique) Fall semester…

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November 6, 2020 | by

Faculty Spotlight: Don Mathewson

Written by: Lisa Gedak Don Mathewson values family. This fact is evident when you look at the smiling pictures adorning the walls of his Richmond campus office, and when he speaks about those closest to him. This deep-rooted appreciation for familial values permeates into his practice at KPU where he teaches physics, “I love being…

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January 14, 2020 | by

Faculty Spotlight: Jon Howe

Written by: Lisa Gedak Disney’s animated feature The Lion King propelled the phrase Hakuna Matata – loosely translated as “no worries” into becoming a household slogan and a catchy sing-along song that millions of people are familiar with.  Jon Howe from KPU’s brewing and brewery operations program is not just familiar with this motto but…

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November 20, 2019 | by

Faculty Spotlight: Alena Buis

by: Gina Buchanan I am delighted to feature Alena Buis for our faculty profile series in our monthly newsletter. I had the opportunity to chat with Alena earlier this month and I am excited to share her story with you. “September 4, 2019. I arrived this morning for the first day of classes and parked…

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September 24, 2019 | by

Why have students answer questions when they can write them?

This blog post was originally posted by Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani on his website blog found here: Many thanks to Rajiv for allowing us to share his words! I recently trialled a new assignment in my Social Psychology class: During each of the 10 weeks when there was no scheduled exam I asked my students to write multiple-choice…

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September 13, 2019 | by

Faculty Spotlight: Arley Cruthers

Teaching & Learning Commons Newsletter | August 2019 by: Gina Buchanan The interview I am delighted to feature Arley Cruthers to debut our new faculty profile series in our monthly newsletter. I had the opportunity to chat with Arley earlier this month and eager to share with you what I learned about Arley and the…

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August 21, 2019 | by

Developing Wisdom: Reflection Journaling

This article is reposted from Dr. Brad Anderson’s blog. Dr. Anderson is based in Vancouver and teaches at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  You can find his original post HERE. Many thanks to him for allowing us to share his work! Are we a wise civilization? Can we grow wiser? Being cynical about these questions is easy.…

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June 14, 2019 | by