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Choose Your Own Adventure

I was thrilled to be asked to do a keynote at the Studio20 conference. The team at BCCampus imagined an innovative, fun, energizing event and were really accommodating with making some of the ideas I had come to life.

Day 3 is about engaging learners online. Since we were talking about giving learners meaningful choice, I decided to do a Choose Your Own Adventure style keynote using a combination of H5P’s ‘branching scenario’ and ‘course presentation.’ This is the asynchronous version, which was recorded and which also has a transcript for those who don’t want to listen to my voice for 30 minutes. That way, conference attendees can go through and select different choices.

Anyhow, this keynote allowed me to bring together everything from Murderball to disability justice to student choice to UDL to the Paralympics to open pedagogy. It’s licensed CC-BY so others can remix it. Enjoy!


Protected: Choose Your Own Adventure


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  1. Karen

    Hi Arley! I really enjoyed your keynote this morning – what a cool way to use H5P CYOA! You gave so many thoughtful ways for your listeners to engage with the transcript, alt text photo descriptions, and chat prompts. Thank you for sharing so honestly and vulnerably, and for inspiring us with your creative presentation and teaching ideas. Your students are lucky to have you!

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