Plugins basically add functionality to your existing WordPress site. Think of it as this extension cord above, it’s already got power but it extends its length to other plugs so there could be additional uses to plug in a lamp or an alarm clock. It extends that functionality. There are many plugins out in the wild developed by developers. Because WordPress is a open-source, it allows for developers to easily develop plugins giving WordPress sites more functionalities.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • identify what are plugins
  • activate/deactivate any existing plugins on KPU WordPress
  • explore plugins on your own

The video below will explain what a plugin is in WordPress and why it may be beneficial to use a plugin. The video will also explain how to activate/deactivate a WordPress plugin.

There are way too many plugins to explore beyond what is available in KPU WordPress. Feel free to browse the official WordPress plugins database ( and see if there’s something that might be useful for your need. Compare it with what KPU WordPress has pre-installed. If you need additional help identifying one for your needs, talk to a Strategist at the Teaching & Learning Commons.

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