WordPress.org (http://wordpress.org)


WordPress.org is where you can find inspiration and even host your own WordPress site beyond KPU. You own all of your data and will require a domain name and web hosting plan to do so.
This is also a place where you can browse for themes and plugins idea which may not be on KPU’s WordPress. (NOTE: KPU WordPress has a defined selection of themes and plugins that has been vetted. More on themes and plugins.)

WordPress.org allows for full-control and ability to customize your site fully, and may serve those better with technical skills to manage their own site.


WordPress.com is a hosting service started by WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg. It’s a tiered service which fully hosts your WordPress environment for you without getting too technical. It’s great for the hobbyist who wants to focus on content and not having to deal with the technicalities, like backups and updates. If you wish to monetize your site later, this is not a good route. The limitations include not being able to upload plugins and additional themes. Customization is limited.For more advanced and customization, use WordPress.org.

WordPress.com (http://wordpress.com)

Faculty Examples (COMING SOON)

Blank iPad with crafts.

WordPress sites can be multi-faceted. Originally a content management platform used to house information and mainly for blogs and websites creation. However, some of our faculty have been creative to creating something beyond its original use.

Come explore what others are doing in this space. If you’d like to contribute ideas, please email us