Academics and Parenthood in the Time of COVID-19

A Very Boring Choose Your Own Adventure

The pandemic has been going on for six months, and it’s strange how far away pre-pandemic life feels. It’s seems almost incomprehensible that I ever took an airplane, went on a business trip, stayed in a hotel. I don’t travel much now that I teach full-time, but when I worked in marketing/communications, I used to travel fairly regularly. I always hated it, since travel flares up a lot of my pain issues.

Lately, however, I’ve found myself trying to remember the small details of what those moments were like. So, since I wanted to teach myself H5P’s branching scenarios, I decided to create a very boring Choose Your Own Adventure. This Choose Your Own Adventure just recreates a business trip: something that would have been unremarkable and even annoying a few years ago, but now seems like a wild, exotic vacation. I found it very soothing to remember these details and to create something where you could spend 10 or 15 minutes wandering around an airport. It reminded me of when, as a teenager, I used to create elaborate text-based role-playing games.

Anyhow, this might only be soothing to me, but I figured I’d share it in case anyone wanted to pretend to be on a pre-pandemic business trip. I don’t think we should return to this life: so much of it was wasteful. But these days, when doing normal things feels like visiting Jurassic Park, I had fun making this.


And thank you!



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