Online learning requires you to independently manage your semester, weekly, and daily schedules. These pages will provide you with strategies for developing your time management for online learning.

Time management for online learning happens at three levels:

  1. Semester/ “Big picture” time management
  2. Weekly planning
  3. Daily planning

Semester Planning

At the beginning of an online course, your first step is to review the course presentation and Moodle site carefully. This allows you see the major assignments and regular weekly tasks you will do throughout the semester.

A semester schedule includes important assignments, tests, exams, and other key events that will happen in your life during the next months.  You may wish to use colour to indicate different classes, or to distinguish between your academic events and personal events.

Look at the example semester schedule below.  What do you  notice about what the student chose to include?  What will you include on your semester schedule?

Example Semester Schedule
An Example Semester Schedule (Image Credit: Jarren Ralf)

Put your semester plan into action by creating your semester schedule. Review your course presentations and find the due dates for all course assignments.

Download a fillable PDF semester schedule here

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